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EMPQ power efficiency center


Key values that EMPQ provides to customers

Energy audit and online energy management technology, redefining a new pattern of China’s energy

?Achieving refining management of enterprise energy through power energy audit and scientific and systematic energy analysis.

?Overall guidance of the corporate energy conservation, through ESP online monitoring and operating status management of all corporate energy equipments.

?Achieving sustainable development of the enterprise with active precaution and continuous energy management.


ESP secures equipment in safe and stable operation, reducing enterprise’s overall maintenance cost

?Real-time running status monitoring of power equipment via ESP, while safety and stability are ensured with SMS alarm

?Solving complex power quality problems and keeping equipment running in a safe and stable status

?Significantly reducing equipment wearing and aging, effectively lowering the operation and maintenance costs

?Reducing the risk of production disruption by rational design and energy management, and keeping an effective operation of enterprise.


Energy efficiency benefits the enterprise in excellent economic value

?Optimizing power quality and improving operational efficiency; efficient production makes excellent economic value.

??Focusing on energy efficiency and reducing the energy cost for customers in production operation and corporate operation

?Reducing emission of greenhouse gas, building healthy ecological environment and staying with the enterprise obligation to the society


EMPQ Overview

EMPQ (Energy data acquisition terminal with ESP) is a large-scale software and hardware system, designed according to relevant standards on energy management, energy statistic, energy audit and energy monitoring issued by Chinese government, and is used for energy management and energy efficiency improving in enterprises and institutions.


EMPQ  12 technical advantages

?Quantitative analysis technology of macro energy utilization status

?Comprehensive evaluation system of energy conservation amount and energy conservation potential

?Dynamic micro-adjustment technology for power balance

?B/S structure communication network technology

?Intelligent remote online monitor technology

?Touch-screen of color display control technology

?Current detection technology with conversion in time domain

?Harmonic dynamic processing technology

? Dynamic power factor compensation technology

?High-speed data computing technology (DSP)

?Discrete Fourier Transform technology (DFT)

?Surface electrophoretic coating technology


Energy data acquisition terminal with ESP

EMPQ (Energy data acquisition terminal with ESP) is an information management and control system, helping industrial production enterprise make good production plan, well use energy, reduce single product energy cost during production expansion to increase the profit.

ESP (EMPQ’s energy data acquisition terminal) is for real-time monitoring and data sampling of the customers’ power equipment. Basically, EMPQ could monitor more than 100 devices and the maximum capacity is up to 1, 000 devices.

EMPQ provides business manager good understandings on enterprises’ energy cost ratio and development trend, and allocates enterprise energy consuming plan to every energy consuming department, clarifying the responsibility and promoting the healthy development of the enterprise.

Energy audit and management function:

Direct human-machine interface with government energy audit department and monitor department via online energy audit to conduct energy audit, save time and cost for both government and enterprise, and improve the service and efficiency.

ESP energy data acquisition terminal is able to monitor more than 100 energy equipment and power facilities with real-time and efficient equipment operating data collection.

Monitoring the running status of customer equipment through ESP energy data acquisition terminal; provide valid information for equipment fault detection and handling, in order to reduce maintenance cost and improve the management of equipment and energy.

Improve the information management platform of enterprise’s energy equipment; make full use of energy by data acquisition of large power equipment, digital data processing and database management.

Provide an intensive management platform for energy system of group company to meet the development requirement of the enterprise and provide scientific data for enterprise’s energy management and verification.

Improve the enterprise energy management system, optimize the energy management process, and build up systems for energy scheduling and power balance arrangement which fit the real situation of the enterprise, thus reach the goal of energy conservation and environment protection.

Conduct enterprise energy analysis in both time domain and frequency domain, and provide business manager with daily report, monthly report and annual report. The reports indicate differences of voltage, current, real power, reactive power, power factor, harmonic voltage and current and its histogram and waveform, and total current and voltage harmonic distortion with and without energy management system. Understand the overall management level of the enterprise and energy consuming status, investigate the problems and weak points in energy utilizing, develop the energy conservation potential, find new ideas about energy conservation in order to reduce the energy consumption and cost, increase the profit.







EMPQ has a flexible process control of industrial energy at a standing point of lifetime of energy use. Important energy operational data is integrated through ESP energy data acquisition terminal, and a platform for energy scheduling and management is built up with more transparency. Optimized operation and maximum production power is achieved with lower energy cost and less emission level.


Wireless communication and online monitoring function (through ESP):

?The communication system of EMPQ has big capacity. The number of monitoring devices is as many as 1, 000, with communication through wireless network such as GPRS or CDMA under the TCF network communication protocol. Not only the operating status of equipment with energy feature could be monitored, but the running status of customer power equipment as well.

?Broad communication coverage: Within service area, control device is effective in any place with wireless GPRS or CDMA coverage. There’s no restriction in terms of distance and position.

?System modular design: The system adopts modular structure, and has the ability to upgrade and expand continuously. Upgrade could be made according to technology development and change in customer requirement.

?Customers could access to EMPQ through network by using any network access devices, at any time, any where. Logging in with valid identification, all data is available at ESP energy data acquisition terminal.

?SMS: The alarm message of energy consuming equipment fault and energy conservation device fault could be sent to equipment operating personnel by SMS lively. Regardless of the distance between control device and the equipment, control order or equipment alarm message could be uploaded or downloaded within a few seconds; this ensures the customer equipment running in safety and reliability.



Safe protection, power grid quality management and power efficiency function


Safe protection and power grid quality management:

?Effective management of power system pollution by 2-25th harmonics, main harmonic filter rate can reach up to 95%. Power pollution and power waste problems are solved, and safe production is ensured without harmonic harm.

?Problems of power quality such as unbalance 3-phase voltage (current), surge and instant change have been solved. Equipment is running in safety, and maintenance cost is reduced.

?Low power factor issue is solved by fast reactive power compensation. The fundamental reactive power and reactive power distortion are compensated dynamically, and the system changes from capacitive to inductive accordingly.

?Reduce the current flows in neutral line as much as possible to reduce the power loss and temperature rise. Reduce the equipment fault, and avoid production accident happening.

?Equipment fault could be sent to enterprise operating personnel by live SMS alarm. Safe and stable power environment is built by comprehensive arrangement.




Real-Time data acquisition, energy conservation and efficiency improving of ESP:

?ESP can collect the data of energy-efficient system on real-time, realize the tracking management of adaptive dynamic energy efficiency, which maintains the equipment operation efficiency at peak performance levels.

? On-line monitoring for running condition of energy-efficient system is developed, and intelligent analysis of operating data about user's energy-efficient equipment is realized, which improves energy efficiency and realizes the remote monitoring of energy-efficient equipment running condition with wireless terminals anywhere or anytime.

?Through the energy efficiency management system of ESP and NOBLE,we can trace and count current, voltage, active power, reactive power, power factor, value of individual harmonic current and voltage, and their histogram, waveform graph, current and total harmonic distortion etc. before and after operating the system,which can be used to guide the users on overall energy efficiency management.





Application of EMPQ

Application industry:

EMPQ can be served in petroleum, tobacco, coal, automobile manufacturing, metal smelting, electricity power, precision electronics, precision machinery and other industrial fields.

Meanwhile, it can also be used in power supply system of telecommunication industry, stock exchange, backup power supply of airport and port, large medical systems, various UPS/ generator set, subway, exhibition venue, commercial buildings and other high-grade commercial energy consumption facility.

EMPQ can not only be used in energy conservation and energy management, but also can be as a tool for energy audit and evaluation for government, which can ensure that government online management and active management on high power-consuming enterprises are processed synchronously. EMPQ data is scientific and management is transparent, efficient and convenient.


EMPQ Energy efficiency management center

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