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Product overview

BaseSaver is the professional energy-saving equipment applied in commercial and industrial field. The design idea is to optimize the power of the power supply system by applying energy-saving electrical reactance. Under the premise that does not affect equipments’ normal operation, it outputs an optimal power, so that multi-purpose has been implemented, such as energy-saving, protecting electrical equipment and extending the life of electrical equipment. The practice has proved that BaseSaver brings significant economic benefits to users.


Basic principle

Directed by the modern control theory, BaseSaver applies advanced control technology, special components, and special energy-saving optimized control software, which has passed the certifications of national authority with independent intellectual property rights, to optimize the voltage of the power supply system. It is a high-tech energy-saving equipment, which can keep various of electric equipments in optimized operation status, such as lighting. Normally, the grid voltage is higher than the equipment rated voltage, and the power provided by power supply to the equipment is P1. If BaseSaver is not installed, P1 will be completely consumed by the equipment. The energy functions in equipment is P2, and another part of energy ΔP1 is consumed in heat form. P1=P2+ΔP1, ΔP1 detracts from equipment’s life and wastes users’ electricity cost. BaseSaver only outputs a voltage, which is the most suitable for equipment operation. It only provides P2 to equipment, and reduces the excess heat energy ΔP1. The saved electric power is ΔP1, which changes dynamically according to grid voltage, and the output power is almost constant. For different equipments, BaseSaver can output an optimal operation power P2.



1. Advanced technology, without harmonic pollution

a). Applying new energy-saving technology and optimizing power supply system keep all the electric equipment in the best operation condition , and the energy-saving effect is remarkable.

b). The special energy-saving reactance is applied in the main circuit without any silicon control or other switch components. There is no harmonic pollution in grid, and it can resist surge voltage shock and instantaneous large load; there is no contact in the main loop, therefore there is no ignition phenomenon.

c). With intelligent control functions, it can automatically adjust energy-saving rate according to the fluctuations of the grid parameters.

d). Three-phase BaseSaver can not only implement auto control but also manual control.

2. Reliable quality and remarkable energy-saving effect

BaseSaver operates stably and has significant energy-saving effect. As the power supply has been optimized, it can directly save costs and greatly extend the life of electric equipments.

3. High return on investment.

It applies the latest energy-saving technology, keeping the best cost performance and short cost return period.

4. Easy to install, and free of maintenance

It is easy to install and no need to modify the distribution lines. You can just connect it to original circuit in series. After the energy-saving equipment operates, the system does not need maintenance with service life up to 10 years.


Field of Application

Intelligent buildings, schools, office buildings, hotels, restaurants, various shopping malls, supermarkets, banks, telecommunications, city lighting projects, intelligent commercial residential districts, underground park and other high power-consuming locations.



Technical data

One-phase BaseSaver technical data are listed as following:


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